August 26, 2021, was a turning point for me personally. I knew at that moment our family needed to step up for our country, so we made a commitment to get engaged! We had been deeply concerned with the direction our country was heading and knew we wanted to lend ourselves to making America Great Again. We created the Patriots Relief brand to offer amazing high-quality products while also giving back to other patriotic causes. When we designed our labels, we made sure there were thirteen stars on every product to represent the thirteen fallen soldiers who lost their lives on August 26th in Afghanistan. We never want to forget that turning point or take for granted the freedom we have because of the sacrifices that these soldiers and those like them make. This tragic event inspired us to create our Freedom5 program where we take $5 from each bottle sold and donate it to true American Patriots and Patriot Organizations across our great nation. 

Thank you for your support!
Patriots Relief family

$5 Donation - Patriots Relief CBD

Current Recipient

Gold Star Families from August 26, 2021

Our first recipient of the Freedom5 program will be the Gold Star Families of August 26, 2021. Their thirteen stars will always be printed on the label of every product we sell, we do this as a reminder to honor their unimaginable sacrifice.
13 Stars - Patriots Relief CBD

Future Recipient Suggestion

Patriots Relief is interested in hearing from you. If you would like to suggest a future recipient of our Freedom5, please complete this form.
Thank you for your support!
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